Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne - Running On Empty (LIVE) 1979
Jackson Browne - The Load Out/Stay
Jackson Browne - The Load-Out / Stay (Live on 2 Meter Sessions)
Stay - Jackson Browne (live 1977)

Jackson Browne is an American singer-songwriter and musician known for his introspective lyrics, soulful voice, and melodic folk-rock style. He was born on October 9, 1948, in Heidelberg, West Germany (now Germany), but he grew up in Los Angeles, California.

Browne began his career in the 1960s as a songwriter, penning songs for artists such as The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. In the early 1970s, he released his self-titled debut album, “Jackson Browne,” which featured the hit single “Doctor My Eyes.” The album established him as a prominent figure in the singer-songwriter genre.

Throughout the 1970s, Browne continued to release critically acclaimed albums, including “For Everyman” (1973), “Late for the Sky” (1974), and “The Pretender” (1976). His music often explored themes of love, loss, and social and political issues, and he became known for his poetic lyrics and emotionally resonant ballads.

In the 1980s, Browne released several successful albums, including “Hold Out” (1980), “Lawyers in Love” (1983), and “Lives in the Balance” (1986), which reflected his growing concern with political activism and social justice issues.

Browne’s career continued to thrive in the following decades, with albums such as “I’m Alive” (1993), “Looking East” (1996), and “Time the Conqueror” (2008). He has also remained active as a touring artist, captivating audiences with his powerful performances and enduring repertoire.

In addition to his musical achievements, Browne has been involved in various social and environmental causes throughout his career, lending his voice and support to issues such as nuclear disarmament, environmental conservation, and human rights.

Jackson Browne’s contributions to music and his influence on subsequent generations of singer-songwriters have earned him a place as one of the most respected and revered figures in the folk-rock genre. He continues to inspire audiences with his timeless music and unwavering commitment to his art and activism.

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