Big Daddy Wilson – Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Big Daddy Wilson, whose real name is Wilson Blount, is an American blues musician known for his distinctive voice and his ability to infuse various genres into his music, including blues, soul, gospel, and folk. He was born on February 19, 1961, in Edenton, North Carolina, and has gained recognition for his powerful and heartfelt performances.

Wilson moved to Germany in the 1990s, where he further developed his music career. He has released multiple albums that showcase his deep connection to the blues and his soulful approach to storytelling through music. His music often touches on themes of life, love, and personal experiences.

Some of his albums include titles like “Love Is the Key” (2009), “Thumb a Ride” (2011), “I’m Your Man” (2015), and “Deep in My Soul” (2019), among others. Big Daddy Wilson has been well-received in the European blues scene and has built a dedicated fan base with his authentic and heartfelt performances.

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