We Are Messengers – Power (Official Music Video)



We Are Messengers

12 SONGS • 42 MINUTES • JAN 31 2020

We are Messengers – Power

“We Are Messengers” is a contemporary Christian music band from Ireland. The group was formed in 2015 by lead vocalist Darren Mulligan. They are known for their heartfelt and impactful music that often conveys messages of hope, redemption, and God’s love.

Darren Mulligan, the frontman of We Are Messengers, had a significant life transformation when he encountered Christianity. He left behind his troubled past and embraced a new life in faith, which became a major influence on the band’s music and message.

The band’s music blends various genres, including pop, rock, and worship elements, creating a unique and engaging sound. They have released several successful albums and singles, such as “Everything Comes Alive,” “Magnify,” “Maybe It’s Ok,” and “Power.” These songs have resonated with audiences, both within the Christian community and beyond, as they tackle real-life struggles and point listeners towards God’s grace and love.

We Are Messengers has garnered a dedicated fan base and has received nominations and awards within the Christian music industry. Their music and performances have also allowed them to reach a broader audience, contributing to their impact as musicians and communicators of faith-based messages.

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